The Present Moment
I bow to God in gratitude,
And I find the moon is also busy
Doing the same.

I bow to God in great happiness,
And learn from where the suns
And the children
And my heart
All borrow their Light.

I bow to the Friend in deep reverence
And discover a marvelous secret carried in the air:

This whole Universe is just as blessed
And divinely crazed as I,
And just as lost in this Wonderful Holy Dance.

My dear,
After such a long, long journey,
God has made another soul

Now all Hafiz wants to do
Is open a beautiful Tavern
Where this Sacred Wine
Of God’s Truth, Knowledge and Love
Is forever and ever
Freely offered to you.

O bow to God in Gratitude,
And some day
you will see how
The moon is also busy doing the same.